Installing VoltDB on Ubuntu 13 (64 bit)

VoltDB is an example of a NewSQL type of database, it’s based on the H-Store DBMS.

This is an example of how to get going with VoltDB on Ubuntu 13 (64 bit only), This is assuming a pre existing installation of Ubuntu 13 64 bit edition.

1) Register and download the software on the VoltDB website, I’ve selected the VoltDB Open Source Edition Download for Linux. There is an Enterprise edition which offers a wider feature set.

The zip archive is named: LINUX-voltdb-

2) Copy the file to your installation directory, I’ve chosen /opt

Change directory to /opt: cd /opt

3) Inflate the archive file

Use the command: tar zxvf LINUX-voltdb-

4) Check the prerequisites are installed

Install aptitude

apt-get install aptitude

Install the build essentials package

aptitude install build-essential

Install a Java jdk (openJDK in this instance)

aptitude install openjdk-7-jdk

5) We should be able to run the VoltDB demos, the voter demo in this instance:

Open the file: file:///opt/voltdb-3.7/tools/demo/index.htm in your browser

To run the Voter demo:

Start the Server: sh /opt/voltdb-3.7/examples/voter/

Start the client: sh /opt/voltdb-3.7/examples/voter/ client


Open the performance monitor to view the running demo application: file:///opt/voltdb-3.7/examples/voter/LiveStats.html


View the data via SQL queries with the built in studio file:///opt/voltdb-3.7/tools/studio.web/index.htm?startup=query – You can issue SQL queries against the VoltDB database.