Gluten free? I am, this is why..

Thinking about gluten free? I’m my experience it’s the best diet related change I’ve ever made (2 years and counting!). I’ll post a few links that are worth a look. *

A story on how Novak-Djokovic improved his game:

Novak Djokovic Going gluten free

This is a book by Dr. William Davis, I found it a really informative read, he seems to back up his assertions with some facts.

WheatBelly, the book

Increasingly, top level martial artists are moving to a gluten free diet in search of performance gains. Gluten free new era of athletes

I recently heard that many brands of chewing gum contain gluten. Here’s a link to find out some which don’t:

Gluten free chewing gum

* Disclaimer – I’m not a doctor, please do the research and look into your own dietary circumstances. It’s your body, you should be doing all you can to look after it.

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